Established in 1983, Great Lakes Communications is a Professional Manufacturer’s Representative firm specializing in the Commercial Wireless Industry.

We serve Radio Dealers and End Users in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.



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Raven Electronics Corporation designs and manufactures digital signal processing based communications systems. Raven is a solutions company helping customers overcome challenging applications with minimal effort. Their innovative M4x Communications Technology is the foundation of their product lines. M4x is a useful tool that can simplify system design by replacing multiple network elements with the M4x. It offers flexibility and scalability at an attractive price.


Raven has used its audio processing expertise to create the most flexible and cost‐effective voter solutions on the market. Their M4x SNR Voter/Comparator provides a method of expanding coverage for a radio network. Raven’s voter analyzes the audio from receivers to determine its quality; the quality level is translated into a value that is used to compare the quality of audio between different receivers. The receiver with the highest SNR value is chosen as the “voted” receiver.



Kenwood Approved for Ohio's MARCS


Kenwood’s P25 radios are approved for use on Ohio’s Multi-Agency Radio Communications System (MARCS). This is a statewide system incorporating the P25 standard in the 700/800MHz frequency bands. Contact us today for more information on Kenwood P25 radios and how your agency can benefit by utilizing the very latest radio technology on MARCS.


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